Technical specifications

Technical specifications


Relatively flat profile: it had ramps that did not surpass the usual 14 thousandths, the strongest did not reach 19 thousandths.



To avoid major Engineering structures and tunnels, the layout was very winding sith a lot of curves that "hit" the railway to the ground.


Halts and stations

It had two stations of first class, two of second class, four of third class, five halts and port facilities.



Due to it being an economical railroad, its route had barely 5 significant bridges and no tunnels to help avoid expensive operations and buildings.



Track profiles, configuration and switches.



Forecast that was not finally made of a basic light signaling.



Timetables service boards and combinations with the M.Z.A. main convoy.



ViTotal passengers, harbor transit and total comercial transit.


Economical data

Total budget, benefits of the explotation, corresponding divisions and official government helping.



The company organized graphic, working conditions and working organizations.


Technical documentation

Rules and projects, and additional documentation coming in books to help its organization.



Gathering of books and adds regarding the total SFG route, or even small portions of it.


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